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About Calamus Academy

Calamus Academy offers courses in writing and research using an online hybrid system. Unlike many other self-paced courses, all Calamus Academy courses include assignments that are assessed by a human being, the founder of the company. That means that you will receive direct feedback on your your writing, provided by Dr. Kevin Schwandt.

Courses range from an APA style introduction/review to strategies for organizing literature, to motivational strategies. Future courses will include Best Practices for Editing, Writing Structure and Organization, and The Functions of Research, along with an ever-developing list of writing and research topics.

Each course can be purchased separately, or clients can subscribe to the Calamus Academy to receive access to all current and future courses. 

Kevin has worked with academic writers for nearly 2 decades as a professor of English, music, and cultural studies and as an independent consultant. The Calamus Academy is a labor of love, allowing Kevin to broaden the reach of his teaching and mentorship.

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