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Individual Project Rates


Editing: The standard rate for a Calamus editing project is $60/hour. A full edit of a larger projects (e.g., book, dissertation) can take anywhere from 5-25 hours, so Kevin will provide an estimate based on the needs of the author and the document.


Coaching and other services also use the standard $60/hour rate, but depending on the project and the author’s desired results, that may vary. Kevin and the client will discuss pricing options prior to starting any work.




For editing projects: Most projects begin with a free estimate or consultation.  At that point, Kevin will provide a proposal via email. Once the client signs the agreement and pays a deposit (10% of the estimated cost), work will begin.  Editing projects are typically finished within 2 weeks, though many take considerably less time.  When the edits are complete, Kevin will email the edited document in two files: one showing changes and the other a clean copy.  Kevin will also send the final invoice, which can be paid online.


For coaching: All coaching relationships are designed based upon the client's needs.  Typically, clients and Kevin meet via phone call or web conference weekly for 30-60 minutes.  Coaching clients are billed for meeting time and for time spent reviewing the document between meetings.  Coaching clients are billed every 2 weeks.




Calamus follows a strict code of ethics.  For academic projects, Kevin will not do any work that could be construed as content writing, research, or the work of the client.  Kevin focuses on editing for clarity, compliance with applicable style guides, and the policies of the institution.  Kevin does not do academic ghostwriting.


Kevin can only edit what is there.  For example, he will check reference formatting, but if elements (e.g., volume numbers, page numbers, or publication details) are missing he will not attempt to locate the source, as this is part of the research process.


Invoices are due within 2 weeks of receipt.  If an invoice is unpaid 2 weeks after the invoice is sent, a 10% late fee will be applied.  If the invoice is unpaid after 1 month, the late fee rises to 20%.

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