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About Calamus

Named for Walt Whitman's cycle of poems first published in Leaves of Grass, Calamus Writing and Editing provides written communication assistance and education. Services run the gamut from proofreading and copyediting to developmental writing consultations. 

With decades of writing and teac
hing experience, a background in humanities, and extensive training and practice in coaching and adult learning, my knowledge ranges from academic editing to poetry and music. Over the years I have helped numerous writers, students, and researchers hone their writing craft and convey their ideas to further their creative, academic, and career goals. 

Calamus provides direct, one-on-one editing and coaching, as well as online courses to hone your skills. Calamus Academy courses are novel in that they combine self-paced learning with personalized feedback from a human (not an automated system or AI). 

Kevin Schwandt, PhD

Calamus Writing and Editing offers writing support. Editing, coaching, teaching.

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